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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Summary of the contents of the charter:In S,S. 1479 (Kala-
yukti Vaijsakh in !:) while Sada^ivadera Maliaraya was ruling
the kingdom of the ^orld} Gutti Timmaraja and 1he agra-
harikaS) the reldis ar.d the kffra'iams of the fourteen Tillages
of the rtukurn s7n granted to Lakki Xayadu, son of
Srlman MaJiajtayakacania NaVe Kadireppa Kayadu, a copper-
plate charter of want/as, meras and iwianas for policing the
mountain pass.
I.   For policing the pass :
In the lands of Nagireddipalle a field of khs. ]
In the lands of Konraalapalle a rice field irrigat-
ed by the Grurramgumpu tank,   kh % extent.
II.   For protecting the villages, the fields, rice-fields,
and vartanaS) are fixed thus:
Village.                        Field.  Bice-field. Garden.
1.    Utukur                                ...    kk J      kh J
2.    Cintakommudinne               ...    kh f      kh  J      ma 4
3.    Bamasagaram and Timrna-
samudram                          ...    kh  ^     kh %
L   Kopparti (agrahfoa)             ...    kh ^     H /0
6.    Apparajupalle                       ...    kh -fa       ..,        ma 2
6.    Pabbapurani (agrahftra)       ...    kh 5%
7.    Akkayapalle                         ...    kh ^     kh &
8.    Buggalapalle                        ...    kh ^
9.    Prasannarayanipalle             ,..    kh ^
10.    Gollalapalle              "           ...    kh &
11.    Kolmulapalle                       ...    kh        kh  I
12.    Govnlacervu                        ...    kh -fa
13.   Tatigotla                           ...   H&      ......
iA ^ paddy for every rice-field; kh <fa for eveiy plough
of land; 1 ruka for eyery loom, and 1 rftka for every